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It's Not Their Fault -- Washington, DC Is Making Them Gentrify To Compete In The Global Economy And The Plan Includes Mexico

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I was speaking with a friend who's opinion I respect, as he was talking about what needs to happen in regards to the development future of Los Angeles, it basically sounded exactly what Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Planners were preaching in the LA Weekly this week regarding density and gridlock traffic.

So here's what I realized: We are in a period of transition. We are at the end of the old, as they are just starting the new. But they haven't even started yet…government officials are still conceiving.

The Manhattanization of Los Angeles has a lot to do with what has happened in China.

They have taken the manufacturing industry away from the U.S. and have used the profits to steamroll the place into the skyscraper filled, George Jetson city, the City of Los Angeles hopes it can be.

They are actually ahead of us in this area, to the point that they have over-developed and polluted themselves, nearly to death.

They are going green now, the way the mayor wants to, not because they want to, but because they have to. (The effect of an "all you can eat buffet" among greedy powers that be. "Just do it now, make the money, suffer consequences later. We'll worry about the problem when it gets here.")


So the mayor knows he has to make this speculative environmental technology -- present environmental technology to prepare for wall to wall skyscrapers in this city that will create such bad traffic, the smog will be unbearable, and we will have to find energy alternatives.

[AND, Villaraigosa feels that LA could use a little "high quality" industry to export abroad. LA can be the "green machine" technology providers to the world. And we need that! BUT I STILL SAY DON'T INVEST PENSION MONEY TO DO IT!]

So the bullet train needs to be built from San Diego to San Fran – Subway to the Sea needs to get rolling; and all the light rail needs to be built and buses added to prepare for the masses.

Cause here's the problem. LA is liberal and doesn't want to do this. (Gentrify/Steamroll the current "single home and a car" in favor of wall to wall skyscrapers. But the politicians HAVE to!)

China has already become the skyscraper capital, surpassing us.

So U.S. has to team up with Mexico to create one region so as to be able to compete in this global economy.

I've said it before a million times before. But after the LA Weekly article and a conversation last nigh, it kinda all clicked and I see the BIG picture.

China has shifted the manufacturing to their region, and used the money to create the ultimate density city.

And if we don't make something to compete, they will become more dominant.

But we are at a disadvantage. The City wasn't planned for this type of development, as a matter of fact it put measures in place to protect against this "Elegant Density/Smart Growth."

But the superpowers have figured it all out, and we have to do this, or we will lose in the global "survival of the fittest" challenge.

UNFORTUNATELY...WE are stuck in the transition period for the rest of OUR lives.

The period where the party is over, we have to build the density first, and try to keep up with the infrastructure later.

And we have all these homes and buildings in the way, and everything is so spread out.

But in thirty years, it MAY begin to improve.


You are building all of this based on magic bullet trains and a lot of things that requires bond money and a vote of the people.

You have planned all of this based on building subway to sea, magic bullet train, more buses, more police, schools...all these things that require a vote of the people.

What if they say "no" to the FLY LA SF to SD bullet train in '09?

What if subway to the sea doesn't get funded?

THEN WHAT? I know, I know...eventually it will get bad enough that even the toilet cleaners will vote "yes" on the bonds to pay for the bullet trains. (And in the LA Weekly article they admit, that it is gonna have the traffic gridlock is going to have to get so bad, that people will be begging to vote to spend billions for Jetsonville.

We need the region to allow the uber-elite to hop on the train in Vegas in the morning, do business in LA, then bullet train it back to Vegas.

Bottom line: It's gonna get done, one way, or the other. China has done it, and now we either, "do or die". This isn't about Antonio's decision.

The gentrification of LA, and the impending privatization of the education system, and the merging with Mexico, through immigration and policy == is paving the way for us to have a shot in the survival of the fittest global challenge.

So yeah, all the culture, heritage and ecology is going to be wiped away. I guess you can say we saw were part of the good old days.

Only problem is, we are stuck in the transitional moment of time where it is darkest before the light.

Get ready for the Darth Vader helmet operation on the entire SCAG region of Los Vegas, North Mexico. It's our only hope.

See. ZD knows what time it is. Why didn't you just tell me, instead of trying to hide it.

It's the deception I don't like. If you just said, "Sorry kiddies, have you seen China? Have you seen Asia? At one time an AMC Pacer was the coolest thing in the world. I would understand.

It’s over. U.S. and Mexican powers that be have decided the continent must unite and merge in order to survive in this global economy. Canada will be next to complete the North American trifecta . Then let the buffalo roam, as they will from Mexico, through Kansas, to Canada! And the trucks will roll from the ports down this corridor, delivering imported items to Best Buys and Wal-marts like a newspaper truck, driving through the neighborhood, making deliveries.)

Funny, while we are discussing building borders against the enemy on our own continent...the guys overseas blew past us, and took the lead.

So, the U.S. and Mexico governments have it figured out. LA, will be built and designed to be the international region for two purposes:

a) Provide the George Jetson, luxury, sky-scraper mega-metropolis city that people overseas, with all the money, seem to enjoy. (Vegas has steamrolled and made over the city with a skyscraper skyline, with way more to come. So we have to even compete with that, from a national level. But NV and CA want to build a bullet train, to help unite the region, and compete/accommodate globally, too.)

It will cost billions and billions and billions of tax-payers dollars to build all the infrastructure (bullet trains, light rail more busses) to do this. And there is a long period of time when the trapeze artist will be "mid-air" between trapeze bars.
(The time between when all the density causes COMPLETE traffic
gridlock, and the point where we finally have the infrastructure completed.) AND, the plan IS to let it get so bad, first. So the demand (and willingness of taxpayers to fund it) will be there.

b) Get Southern California in shape to overhaul the infrastructure, so we can more efficiently execute our role in the US economy. THE PORT INDUSTRY. 40% of all US goods come through the ports and roll down the 710. So that is a FEDERAL and STATE priority. (To make the movement of goods process more efficient and more environmentally safe, cause pollution is a huge problem that will be getting worse.)

And since we need to build all these skyscrapers and bullet trains and subways, we are going to have to ease up the immigration policies to allow the cheap labor we get from Mexico to build all this stuff and service all of it.

So, in Southern California, look for the trend to be having the U.S. loosen up the borders, through policy like drivers licenses for illegals, and amnesty because the decision has been made. We need their labor to build the infrastructure, then service it, cause we need all the help we can get -- cause we have a lot of catching up to do to be on par with our international compadres. Asia/China want us to improve our infrastructure so we can accommodate them, cause they have a lot of money and like to have accommodations in their U.S. Annex. And we need to catch up, so they don't crush us, economically.

Although guys like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and all their callers (and a big hunk of US society, in general) would never, ever, ever, ever, go along with the idea of OPENING up the borders...THAT'S WHAT THE PLAN CALLS FOR. IT'S NORTH AMERICA vs. ASIA/CHIA/INDIA...NOT U.S. vs. Mexico vs. Canada. So it looks like we will be reluctantly teaming up with our low wage, non English speaking neighbors.

Cause yes, the "Leave it to Beaver" days are over. And our enemy's enemy is
our friend. And in the global economic arena, the enemy/competition is overseas.

So all the Archie Bunkers are gonna have to live with all those Univision watching, La Opinion reading, La Raza 97.9 listening, Spanish-only speaking Mexicans, who aren't here because they love the John and Ken show, and wanna have dinner with people from the local homeowners association. They are here because Mexico sucks, from an economic standpoint. And they come here, because of the economic opportunity.

It kinda used to irritate me when I am standing in a 7-11 in Los Angeles, and everyone in the store is speaking Spanish, and it's on the Westside. But, obviously there is a demand for what they are doing. I know people say, if they weren't here, it would mean more jobs for legal residents. And of course they are taking a percentage away.

BUT HERE'S THE DEAL: For the game plan the Federal government has in mind, it includes taking advantage of the cheap labor, which is willing to live here, under
low-income, sucky circumstances. They aren't buying property in Beverly Hills. They aren't scamming anyone in big real estate deals.

When Cedillo has Schwarzenegger approve driver licenses for illegals, it isn't to drive to a Paris Hilton party on the red carpet. It's to simply be able to drive to their low-paying, hard labor, or boring as hell, manual labor job. (And to those who are able to rise above that, and jump into something better. Fine, they obviously created the demand to go from dishwasher to waiter. Or phone operator, to salesperson.)

See, right now, the powers that be are scared to tell opponents the master plan, because people don't like change, they like to maintain not only the status quo, but like to maintain heritage, and that's the way it's always been around here.

Except things change. And not changing, is change itself anyway. So the transition is gonna suck. We are stuck at the worst part. The mess left over from neglect. And the clean up and rebuilding process, which includes the plan of getting worse, before better, because the demand will be here, before the supply of Jestons infrastructure. AND THE DAY, SOMETIME SOON, WHEN ALL THE ILLEGALS ARE ISSUED DRIVERS LICENSES...YOU WILL HAVE INSTANT TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK SHUT DOWN THE NEXT DAY. And that is part of the plan, cause then -- you will be BEGGING to be taxed to death to pay for it.

Will eggs have to be broken...yes? Will there be time for all the "Zuma Dogg's" out there (public activists) to provide all the public input to consider all of this? (No!) Will your house be crushed by a skyscraper being dumped on top of your land? (Yes.) Are we about to wipe away the entire cultural and historic heritage and smooth it all over with cement? (Yes!)

That's just the way it is. It's a much bigger picture than what goes on at the NC meeting, City Council meeting, SCAG meeting or Governor meeting. Poor Antonio and Council. I just sat here for the past year trying to get them to enforce vacancy rates and laws that were put in place to prevent this exact scenario. But at the end of the day, it is futile to resist. You can't stop a wave, only ride it. Otherwise it crashes on your head.

So embrace this cultural era: And next time you are on the bus, or standing at the crosswalk, look at that illegal worker who you used to resent for being here illegally and say, "Welcome to the Estados of Unidos, mi amigo! Man, doesn't it suck that you had to come here, only to work so hard, for so little, only to have to send it all back to Mexico (since they have no welfare system), and you have to live in crowded garages. But you, and I, my friend are screwed, cause we let the global economy race pass us by, while we were resting on out laurels. So let's unite to prevent from being overtaken and held economic hostage from China, Asia and India.

Meanwhile, in thirty or forty years, when it's all done...Cal-Vegas, New Mexico will be a great city if you are super-rich, or super-poor. Everyone in between (the middle) will be gone. We are heading to a two-class, divided system, just like in Mexico. But every system has to have a top, middle and bottom. If you cut our the middle, it breaks. Ask any two class system. So let's make sure the City sticks to the concept of these mixed use "elegant villages" without the corruption and make sure you maintain the balance of top, middle and bottom. You won't. Cause greed always wins out. Cause things are evaluated at the balance sheet level, so that's the ball people are keeping their eye on.


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