Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hillary Clinton Just Locked Up The California Hispanic Vote And Democratic Nominatrion!

PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton named California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a national co-chair of her presidential campaign last month.

Clinton made the announcement in a conference call with reporters. The senator said she is going to be relying on the Los Angeles lawmaker "very heavily.'' The endorsement from the powerful statehouse dealmaker gives Clinton a seasoned political hand in the nation's largest state.

This guy Nunez is trouble, and a threat to US safety. The number one talk radio show in Los Angeles, KFI's John and Ken call Nunez, "The most dangerous politician in the State." And now Hillary is jumping on his bandwagon?

Here’s some recent press from last week that supports this theory: Union President Robert Baker singled out Nunez for telling reporters that police officers had "wanted to do some target practice on some of the immigrants that were marching."

"Your words were dangerous and unethical," Baker chided in a letter released Saturday. "Fomenting crowds to distrust the LAPD encourages more of the kind violence that already plagues your district."

Now from a “Sun Zu/Ries & Trout/Zuma Dogg” analysis, I guess she had to make this deal to prevent Nunez from hopping on Obama’s bandwagon. However, Latham and Wakins (LA lawfirm tight with Villaraigosa/Nunez crew -- and helped get Bill Clinton in to office) -- never would have let that happen, anyway. But I guess that is the bone Nunez was able to leverage for himself. And the Clinton compromise begins. And finally, if Hillary is jumping in bed with Clinton, that means a high level position must be in store for Nunez’ compadre’ Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Barack Supporters: It's over...Hillary will clinch it, and Barack will become VP candidate and Clinton/Obama will win the election! [IT'S OVER...TAKE IT TO VEGAS!]

And now, since it's Sunday...Here's a little political, first amendment humor, brought to you by Election Press' ZUMA DOGG, in Los Angeles, CA. I guess you are not allowed to wear a Gene Simmons mask to protect your identity during "public comment", even though it is "protected expression" under the Brown Act and First Amendment. (Political comedy with a point. If you don't walk up to the line, for a "first amendment check" every once in a while, you may find the line continues to get pushed further and further back by your elected officials. More to come. Don't be fooled by the "diversionary" issues that will be discussed this election season. Stand by and make a "Google Alert" for "election press".

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